Breaching the position of trust; what we know

28th July 2021

Course outline The significance of recognising and respecting the ‘position of trust’ relationship dynamic in safeguarding and child protection is vital in understanding and setting professional boundaries, relationships and supporting…

Conference: Digital safeguarding conference

20th July 2021

Running alongside Safer Internet Day 2022, February 08, this conference highlights the importance of understanding the positives and pitfalls attributed to the internet, device use and social media when it…

Webinar: Junior Gaming – the good, the bad and the safeguarding

20th July 2021

Course outline This session will look at online gaming for the under 13s. It will highlight the benefits that are to be gained from online gaming and also look at…

Conference: Annual Safeguarding conference

24th June 2021

  The annual Safeguarding conference highlights the latest key themes and issues relating to safeguarding and child protection. Driven by member feedback, each session will consider a topic of significance…

Training: Safeguarding standards for working with children in international settings

24th June 2021

Course outline This course will look at some of the key principles related to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children, and will invite participants to consider how to apply…