Webinar archive

Sacpa organises webinars on the latest safeguarding topics and themes. These webinars are hosted live (to see live events, please take a look at our event calendar) and are also made available as a recording following the live session.

These recordings enable people to access information and training at their convenience, with no restriction on timing or travel. As with our live events, recordings are available to Sacpa members for £50 and non-members for £100.



Keeping children safe in out-of-school settings
Recorded: December 03, 2020.
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Making the most of professional supervision
Delivered live: November 23, 2020.
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There’s more to saying ‘no’: refusal strategies
Delivered live: November 16, 2020.
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What’s new: Gaming
Delivered live: November 09, 2020.
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Professional abuse in schools: trends and implications for practice
Delivered live: October 13, 2020.
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What’s new – Online safety update
Delivered live: October 06, 2020.
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Coronavirus: impact on children and young people in BAME communities
Delivered live: September 25, 2020.
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The management and control of drug-related incidents
Delivered live: May 04, 2020.
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