Away day trips and fixtures – safeguarding considerations

Posted: 20th June 2024

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Travelling to away fixtures can be a regular activity for many clubs and teams. Trips may vary from short journeys across town to play another local team, to overnight stays, or even events overseas. This article outlines a number of safeguarding considerations when travelling with children and young people on day trips and events.


Before, during and after an away trip takes place, all relevant parties should be kept up to date with specific information and details. Necessary information will be different for each group of people.

Communication with children

Children should be made aware of the relevant details ahead of the trip, including details of what they need to bring with them on the day.

Communication to children and young people should include:

  • necessary kit or equipment
  • expected standard of behaviour – which should be clearly stated within your organisations’ code of conduct for children and young people.
  • how to raise a concern
  • details of the trip, including travel plans, basic itinerary, venue, and time of collection and return

Communication with parents

Information for parents and carers

Coaches and volunteers should ensure they provide parents and carers with all the relevant information in advance of the trip. This should include:

  • drop-off and pick-up times and location
  • destination and venues (including address and postcode)
  • competition or event details
  • kit and clothing required
  • food and drinks required
  • any additional costs
  • other specific requirements
  • contact details for trip organiser and process for parent contacting coach or young person
  • how to raise a concern

They should also be aware of their responsibilities and the expected standard of behaviour for them and their child.

Information from parents

Before going on the trip, there is some information that you must obtain about the participants. You should allow sufficient time for parents to provide details for their child. Information you must collect will be dependent on the specifics of the trip, but usually they will include:

  • full consent for the trip including all activities and photography consent
  • child’s basic information, including their name, address, date of birth, etc.
  • medical details, medication, any personal care needs, allergies or dietary needs (you must ensure you have a clear procedure for if a participant has a medical emergency).
  • any specific or additional requirements
  • emergency contact numbers

Coaches and volunteers responsibilities

Coaches and volunteers should be clear on what their responsibilities are in advance of the trip. They should be provided with all of the relevant details of the trip, including and itinerary if a long trip.

You should collect the basic, medical and emergency contact details for all those in attendance on the trip, including staff, volunteers, parents and chaperones.

  • All coaches, staff, and volunteers must be aware of how they are able to raise a concern, and how to record any complaints or accidents on relevant documentation


Transport should be clearly planned ahead of the event to ensure that any associated safeguarding concerns can be addressed. You should consider:

  • journey times and stopping locations (and any associated safeguarding risks)
  • how appropriate supervision will be maintained throughout journey, including sufficient supervision when making stops or otherwise coming into contact with members of the public
  • the suitability and accessibility of the mode of transport and any stops for all the participants, ensuring that seat belts are being worn correctly by all occupants whilst in transit
  • suitability of drivers -. drivers should have completed a DBS check, have a full, valid drivers licence permitting them to operate the vehicle they are travelling in
  • whether you have adequate business insurance to transport children and equipment
  • whether you have full insurance covering the transport

You should also consider gathering information on destination and venue (if possible carry out a risk assessment).

Supervision and staffing

You must ensure that you provide adequate staff and volunteers for the trip, and that everyone is aware and capable of fulfilling their responsibilities. Staff and volunteers should model effective behaviour, including timekeeping, commitment and compliance with procedures. You should consider:

  • how you will maintain the ratio of staff to children throughout the trip

this ratio will vary depending on the sport, event, and the age of the children, but this generally needs to be increased when travelling away from home.

  • whether specialist carers, or appropriate adults are required to provide any additional care needs.
  • the gender of supervising adults for the group

for example, if there are gender-specific locations, such as the changing room, or toilets where children need supervision.

Staff and volunteers must ensure that they facilitate the needs and rights of the children in their care at all times. This includes:

  • dietary needs
  • religious needs

Emergency procedures

Procedures need to be in place in the case of an emergency taking place during an away trip. Everyone must be aware of their responsibility and what to do in the event of an emergency. Including:

  • first aid provision and a fully stocked first aid kit
  • specific medical details and medication easily accessible at all times
  • reporting procedures
  • contact details for safeguarding lead
  • nearest hospital location


The staff member in charge of planning the trip needs to ensure that the club’s general insurance covers travel to away events. This should include liability and adequate cover for:

  • baggage loss
  • medical cover
  • emergency expenses to cover accommodation and transport
  • transport of children and equipment

This article has been designed for use alongside our essential safety checklist for Away day trips and fixtures.

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