Safeguarding children is the responsibility of every business.

Posted: 14th June 2024

Source: (20) Safeguarding children is the responsibility of every business. | LinkedIn

Here’s why incorporating a focus on safeguarding children into your business practices is absolutely crucial:

  • Ethical responsibility: businesses have a moral obligation to protect the rights and wellbeing of children and young people
  • Risk mitigation: neglecting child safeguarding can lead to significant legal, reputational, and operational risks
  • Brand reputation: demonstrating a commitment to child safeguarding and children’s rights can enhance an organisation’s reputation. Consumers and investors increasingly prefer socially responsible businesses
  • Sustainable development: focusing on children’s rights contributes to a more sustainable and equitable world
  • Legal compliance: incorporating child safeguarding measures ensures compliance with laws and regulations aimed at protecting children and young people
  • Workforce productivity and morale: organisations that value child safeguarding are likely to foster a culture of care and responsibility. This can lead to improved workforce morale and wellbeing

Find out more about why your business should join the On Us: Australian Business Coalition for Safeguarding Children.

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