Safeguard Students Online with a Robust Online Filtering Strategy

Posted: 2nd May 2024

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For UK schools, providing a safe, connected environment for students extends beyond the classroom. Managing expansive networks, servers, and devices across campuses and dorms brings unique IT challenges. As a leading education IT networking and cybersecurity provider, Switchshop offers solutions purposely designed for academic institutions.

Switchshop has delivered network solutions to hundreds of schools across the UK including MATs, colleges, and numerous independent and boarding schools. Their experience makes them familiar with the specific technology needs of this sector. Switchshop is also proud to partner with leading vendors such as HPE, HPE Aruba Networking, and Fortinet among others, giving us the technology breadth to serve schools of all sizes and requirements.

One service that can provide major advantages for IT teams at educational establishments is Switchshop’s RepLog offering. The internet opens up a world of opportunities for students to learn and grow. However, it also exposes them to potential risks such as inappropriate content, cyberbullying, and more. Schools must safeguard children online and empower them to use technology responsibly.

Schools have an ever-increasing duty to implement comprehensive online safety strategies. The Department for Educationguides on implementing risk-based filtering and monitoring aligned with safeguarding obligations. This includes regularly evaluating and updating systems and balancing safety with learning.

Effective filtering and monitoring systems block inappropriate or dangerous websites and content. Ongoing reviews ensure this protection evolves as new online risks emerge. Policies empower schools to identify and respond to issues appropriately and escalate serious concerns. A whole-school approach balances safety and educational goals.

Designed for education, RepLog removes the complexity of managing your own on-prem reporting and logging tools which can be costly and complex to maintain. As a managed service, Switchshop handles hosting for you in our secure cloud environment and provides regular detailed reports on internet usage, and provides alerts to network administrators and nominated Digital Safeguarding Leads in the event of keyword triggers. As a member of the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF), combined with their industry visibility and allowing for customer-defined additions, Switchshop is perfectly placed to provide up-to-date, dynamic keyword reporting and altering aimed at keeping your users safe.

RepLog integrates with Fortinet firewalls to provide in-depth traffic analysis through:

Web Filtering Reports – Monitor browsing activity for inappropriate or banned content.

Anti-Virus Reports – Detect malware threats.

Application Control Reports – Block unapproved apps and services.

Instant Alerts – Act quickly when threats are identified.

Empower students’ learning whilst ensuring their safety today by allowing Switchshop to support your school’s online safeguarding efforts.

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