Age Verification and Validation: The Path Forward to Safeguarding Children

Posted: 11th April 2024

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In the whirlwind of the digital age, one of our biggest priorities is ensuring our kids can explore the vast online universe safely. The internet is a double-edged sword, offering boundless knowledge and opportunities and exposing young ones to content they’re better off without. Whether you’re a parent, educator, or tech-savvy, we’re all in this together, striving to carve out a space on the web that’s safe and enriching for our kids.

The Power of Age Verification in Protecting Our Youngsters

Think of age verification as the digital gatekeeper, shielding kids from the stuff they shouldn’t see, like violent media, gambling or adult sites. It’s more than just setting up barriers; it’s about ensuring these digital checks are part of a bigger plan backed by laws that keep everyone on the same track.

Globally, from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to the EU’s Charter of Fundamental Rights, there’s a clear call to arms for child protection. Creating a kid-friendly internet zone has never been more critical as we move our lives online.

Age Validation: A Privacy-Friendly Passport to Safety

Not every click needs to come with a full ID verification. Sometimes, knowing if someone’s old enough is all the check it needs without diving into who they actually are. That’s where Age Validation tech shines, offering a lighter touch than the full-on Age Verification.

Age Validation takes a peek at biometric features to guess an age; no deep dive into personal details is required. This approach keeps it simple and respects privacy, contrasting with the deeper dive of verifying documents in traditional age checks.

A step-by-step at Veridas’s Age Check

  1. Our age check starts with a quick selfie, using smart tech to ensure it’s you there and then. This part of the journey is a flash, just a second, to see if you fit the age bill for what you’re trying to do.
  1. What if things aren’t so clear-cut? We’ve got a Plan B that stays true to our privacy promise. This involves a quick document check to confirm your age, ensuring everything matches up, all wrapped up in about 10 seconds. It’s our way of saying, ‘We’ve got you covered,’ without making you hand over your life story.

This approach is our testament to a privacy-first mindset, proving you don’t always need to go full detective mode to keep things safe and sound.

For many online experiences, a simple age check is all you need, keeping things breezy for users and businesses alike.

Together, We Can Craft a Kid-Friendly Digital World

Keeping the internet a safe space for kids is a big job. Using tools like Age Verification and Validation and solid rules to back them up, we can build an online playground safe for exploration and growth. It’s up to us, the digital community, to push for this change, ensuring our virtual spaces are as welcoming and secure as our real ones.

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