Lincolnshire Police deploys AI for child safeguarding

Posted: 24th November 2023

Lincolnshire Police has deployed an AI application to support the identification of vulnerable children.

It has announced its adoption the CESIUM system, following its collaboration with AI company Trilateral Research in the design and validation of the software.

Trilateral research said the application has already reportedly been used to identify 16 vulnerable children. It has been estimated to provide a 400% increase in operational capacity within a safeguarding setting, and enables one person to gather and analyse the same amount of data in 20 minutes that it would take five people five days to do under the previous process.

Chief Constable of Lincolnshire Police Chris Haward said: “The software enables us to identify vulnerable children months before the existing process and our staff had been undertaking this manually, so the software can now support them in their decision making. The ability to detect more quickly and accurately where we need to put prevention measures in place is game changing.” 

The software was developed in response to statutory guidance on inter-agency child safeguarding.

Trilateral Research also said that CESIUM has been developed to meet concerns about the ethical use of data in safeguarding.

Source: Lincolnshire Police deploys AI for child safeguarding | UKAuthority

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