Mitigating cyber risks in sports events: Safeguarding both data and fans

Posted: 1st September 2023

During major sports events like the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 and the Winter Olympics, the risk of cyber threats is elevated. Malicious actors are drawn to valuable athlete data, including achievements, competitive advantages, and personal information, making it a prime target.

In the context of high-profile sports events like the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 and the Winter Olympics, the exposure to cyber threats is heightened. Malicious actors find athletes’ achievements, competitive edges, and personal data highly attractive as potential targets.

Essential Practices for Safeguarding Data and Fans

Amidst interconnected networks and numerous stakeholders, ensuring cybersecurity is imperative for sports teams, venues, and fans. Microsoft Security offers vital recommendations to counter data loss and extortion risks.

Securing Interconnected Systems

To prevent social engineering attacks that cyber criminals can launch through compromised event networks, fans and attendees can adopt precautionary measures. This includes deactivating unnecessary ports, conducting meticulous network scans to identify unauthorized wireless access points, and keeping software updated with patches and encryption layers for data protection.

Safer Wi-Fi Usage and App Handling

For connected video boards, digital signage, and beyond:

  • Users are advised to secure their devices with the latest updates.
  • Caution should be exercised when accessing sensitive information via public Wi-Fi.
  • Suspicious links, attachments, and QR codes from unofficial sources should be avoided.

Ensuring Secure Transactions

Regarding point of sale (POS) systems and broader commerce networks:

  • Event participants are urged to verify that POS devices are properly patched and updated.
  • Transactions should be limited to event-sanctioned areas, and caution should be exercised around unfamiliar kiosks and ATMs.

Enhancing Stadium Security

In terms of stadium access and infrastructure equipment:

  • Establishing clear network partitions between IT and OT systems can prevent unauthorized cross-device and data access.
  • This proactive measure acts as a deterrent against potential cyber attack consequences.

In the realm of major sports events, cybersecurity awareness and preventive measures are essential to safeguarding both valuable data and enthusiastic fans.

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