Sharing safeguarding knowledge among Team Up partners

Posted: 20th July 2023

Team Up sport for development partners from eight countries have been attending a series of workshops covering key safeguarding concepts applicable to both their Team Up-supported programs, and their sports organisations more broadly.

In line with Team’ Up’s second end-of-program outcome – sport organisations are safe, inclusive and accessible – the primary objective of the safeguarding workshops is to strengthen the capacity of Team Up partners to understand and apply safeguarding in their work.

Delivered via webinar and in face-to-face hubs in Fiji and Papua New Guinea, the webinars also provide an opportunity for partners to share their experiences and take part in small discussions either in country groups or virtual breakout rooms.

Team Up Social Inclusion Specialist Roshika Deo said: “Through the webinar workshops, our partners have been able to dive deeper into key safeguarding concepts, which include prevention of sexual harassment, exploitation and abuse. They now have more clarity on understanding the different safeguarding practices for children and vulnerable adults.”

The workshops involve an introduction, refresher activities based on the previous session, substantive topic discussions and two activities in breakout groups, plus the sharing of additional resources and reading materials.

The workshops cover topics including:

  • What is safeguarding, why it matters and how to identify and assess risks
  • Key safeguarding values, principles and definitions, including those linked to prevention of sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment
  • Causes of gender-based violence, rights and responsibilities, policy requirements and developing your own code of conduct
  • Inclusion of children in designing, implementing, and measuring safeguarding policies and procedures.
  • Safeguarding in physical and online environments – risks and protections
  • Effective complaint management and reporting

Guest speakers have included Sage Emmerson, GEDSI and safeguarding coordinator for the Kokoda Track Foundation, Shamima Ali from the Pacific Network Against Violence Against Women, and Jofilito Veikoso youth advocacy officer for the International Planned Parenthood Federation sub-regional office of the Pacific.

“What I have enjoyed most about the safeguarding sessions was sharing with other Pacific nations the similar problems we faced within safeguarding, which almost felt like a burden,” revealed Justine Samu, who works for the One Netball Samoa program.

“However, what has been most beneficial is the knowledge gained around what safeguarding encompasses and how to work to fill in the gaps within our own sporting bodies to ensure everyone is considered and protected.”

Source: Sharing safeguarding knowledge among Team Up partners | Team Up

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