It’s not just cricket – discrimination is rife, from Westminster to rowing and rugby

Posted: 28th June 2023

Racism, sexism and classism | Rwanda asylum costs | Shopping trolley heart checks | Glutton-free? | Sinatra’s funeral songs.

The report by the Independent Commission for Equity in Cricket (Icec) has clarified the unholy trinity of racism, sexism and class in the sport (Report, 27 June). Isn’t it time for a similar investigation into Westminster and our whole political system and parliament?
Karen Huckvale

 Now that the Icec has reported on cricket, might I suggest that a similar report is commissioned for both rowing and rugby.
Paul Mincher
Okehampton, Devon

 “Should we employ five extra nurses?” asks Steve Barclay. “No,” says Suella Braverman. “Let’s send one asylum seeker to Rwanda instead” (Sending asylum seekers to Rwanda will cost £169k a person, says Home Office, 27 June).
David Prothero
Harlington, Bedfordshire

 I’d add a further modification to the cardio-sensitive shopping trolley (Letters, 26 June). It needs to be programmed to expect sudden tachycardia as the checkout person tells you the cost of your shopping.
Jonathan Hauxwell
Crosshills, North Yorkshire

 I’ve just received a WhatsApp message from a friend about a new restaurant. I’m not sure if it’s a victim of autocorrect or not (Letters, 25 June), but apparently it’s “vegan and glutton-free”.
Emyr Owen
Llanfairfechan, Conwy

 Sinatra covers all the bases on funeral songs (Letters, 26 June). For the 10% of those who want to rule the world, My Way; for the 10% who have simply been along for the ride and had a ball, It Was a Very Good Year; and for the rest, That’s Life (“riding high in April, shot down in May … back on top in June”).
Huw Beynon
Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire

Source: It’s not just cricket – discrimination is rife, from Westminster to rowing and rugby | Politics | The Guardian

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