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The Transforming Autism Project

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The Safeguarding Specialist ensures that we have the training, policies, and tools in place to provide confidence that as an organisation, all children who come into contact with us are supported in the best possible way.

What will you be doing?

  • Safeguarding Specialist
  • Home Based
  • Part-time, Volunteer

The Transforming Autism Project is a brand-new charity focusing on very early intervention for children with autism. We are currently at a very early stage in our development, but are looking to make fast progress to make our projects viable and help as many families as soon as we can. To that end, we are looking to create a team of capable and dedicated volunteers to ensure our success.

This is a remote working volunteer role, home based.

At TAP, making children feel safe in their environment is of primary importance. The role of the Safeguarding and Governance Consultant is to ensure protecting the children undergoing treatment, helping them deal with issues children may encounter and to ensure that effective measures are taken to address these concerns. The incumbent should understand the requirements of safeguarding guidance and legislation and have a strong background demonstrating this

Key aspects of the role include

  • Understand safeguarding requirements and embedding responsibilities within our volunteer network
  • Support the Safeguarding lead
  • Report to the Governing body about how effective measures were being taken for safeguarding
  • Ensure that we remain compliant with statutory guidance and is are up to date with changes in legislation and responsibilities
  • To ensure that there are effective systems in place to protect children at all times.

What are we looking for?

Do you have at least 3 years of recent experience within Safeguarding and Governance within a child centric environment? We’re looking for your expertise within this field specifically, and it is also helpful for us if you have experience of supporting this function within a charity environment, where the majority of your wider team are volunteers.

What difference will you make?

The Safeguarding Specialist is a key role for our charity, forming an integral part of the team who will launch our Family Services this year.

We have a unique understanding of autism that emphasises the great potential that autistic people have rather than considering autism a disability.

Our services are designed to unlock that potential from as young an age as possible, when lifelong transformative change is possible.

Through family home support services, parent groups and online materials such as webinars, we empower parents to truly understand their children’s needs and learn how to respond to them in ways that make them feel safe, relieve anxiety and enable the establishment of nourishing trust-based relationships between parent and child.

This is the foundation for the lifelong transformation of a human being, and allows them to avoid unnecessary marginalisation. And it allows for true acceptance by themselves and others of the value they bring.

In time, we’ll build a life-changing portal of comprehensive support and community to Autism Parents, and provide direct intensive intervention to infants by bringing Israel’s pioneering and transformative Mifne Method to the UK in our own centre.

Our charity was founded by 2 Autism Fathers and is run by one of them, who is himself on the spectrum. As such, we are rooted in the true needs of Autism Parents, and sensitive to the realities of autism.

What’s in it for the volunteer?

This volunteer opportunity enables you to join a truly unique organisation, making a real difference to autistic children and their families.

Before you apply

In the first instance please apply through Reach


  • Learning disabilities / difficulties
  • Mental health

To ensure that children with autism obtain revolutionary and life-changing support to break through their perceived limitations and live to their true and full potential. To ensure that the…


Desired Skills and Experience

Project / programme management, Volunteer management, Governance, Advice / Advocacy, Mentoring / Coaching, Social care / Counselling, Teaching / Education, Training