Job Description

MarTrust Corporation Limited (“MarTrust”) is an authorised payment institution (API) regulated by the Financial Conduct Authoriry (“FCA”), currently in the process of obtaining Electronic Money Institution (EMI) authorisation in the UK. MarTrust’s subsidiary, MarTrust Europe SA in Portugal, is an EMI, authorised by Banco de Portugal.


MarTrust is a leader in digital payment solutions within the shipping industry. With transformative products and a strong value proposition (including a “built for maritime” e-wallet and card), our transformative products have garnered tremendous market response and fuelled substantial growth.

Currently processing $12 billion in payments annually, we’re just getting started!


MarTrust and the bigger picture

At MarTrust, we are dedicated to enhancing seafarer welfare. With over a million seafarers worldwide working in challenging and sometimes perilous conditions, often far away from their loved ones, the process of paying them and facilitating fund transfers poses numerous complications and risks.


With the MarTrust E-Wallet, we comprehensively address these challenges, promoting increased seafarer welfare. By providing peace of mind while they’re away from home, we make a real difference in their lives, and that’s truly meaningful to us.



The role of a Safeguarding Officer at MarTrust is critical to maintaining trust and confidence in the financial services industry and crucial for regulatory compliance and the prevention of financial misconduct. Compliance with FCA rules on client money and asset protection is essential to protect the interests of MarTrust customers and maintain the integrity of the financial system.


The role of the Safeguarding Officer for MarTrust is subject to FCA’s fit and proper test and approval, and will report to the Board of Directors (BoD) via the Chief Compliance Officer (CCO).


Your new day-to-day will involve:

  • Act as the Safeguarding Officer for MarTrust:
  • Ownership of risks related to Safeguarding of relevant client money, balance reconciliation, transaction reconciliation etc. (collectively, Safeguarding Arrangements);
  • Oversight of processes and controls in relation to Safeguarding Arrangements;
  • Review, assess and investigate incidents reported in relation to Safeguarding Arrangements;
  • Report major incidents to the FCA and other relevant regulators in relation to Safeguarding Arrangements;
  • Report Management Information (MI) to the BoD on a regular basis in relation to Safeguarding Arrangements;
  • Provide training to the BoD and other relevant staff members in relation to Safeguarding Arrangments.
  • Liaise with relevant providers and partners in relation to Safeguarding Arrangements.


  • Ensure that appropriate policies, systems and control processes in relation to Safeguarding Arrangments across MarTrust are developed, implemented and maintained.


  • Advise MarTrust in relation to issues pertaining to Safeguarding Arrangements


  • Support and coordinate senior management focus on managing the risks relating to Safeguarding Arrangements.


  • Provide advice on Safeguarding Arrangements in relation to existing and new products and services offered by MarTrust Group Companies.


  • Drives compliance excellence.


  • Ensure that MarTrust obtains, and makes appropriate use of, any findings from regulatory bodies concerning the approach to Safeguarding Arrangements.


  • Assistance as and when required to CCO and or to Compliance Department in relation to compliance-related policies, procedures, systems and controls and any projects and tasks as approved by the CCO.


  • Attendance of external conferences, seminars and webinars to maintain professional qualifications and knowledge in relation to Safeguarding Arrangements.


This is what we need from you:

  • University degree level;
  • Professional compliance qualification;
  • 5 years experience on UK-based EMI Client Money Safeguarding in the UK;
  • Detailed knowledge of PSRs and EMRs, relevant regulatory guidance and regulatory expectations in relation to EMI Client Money Safeguarding in the UK;
  • Knowledge of CASS rules in the UK;
  • Previous dealings with the regulators and auditors;
  • Strong compliance background in cross-border payments and financial services;
  • Ability to take part in management meetings;
  • Previous compliance experience in new payment methods (advantage); and
  • Maritime industry exposure (advantage).



MarTrust is a successful business unit of the Marcura Group. Marcura is led by the two visionary entrepreneurs who founded the company 21 years ago. Their original mission, which we uphold today, is to streamline digital processes in the globally impacting shipping industry. We do this by putting our customers first.


As an established, successful, diverse and energetic Group, we have developed a series of transformative products/brands specifically for the maritime industry which kill analog drag via digitalization.


Global and growing

  • Our 650+ customers are based in 53 countries.
  • Our 950+ strong team works in 25 countries.


Asa Group, we’re actively developing new products and new product features, and we are targeting continued and significant growth in 2023 and 2024!


You and Marcura

So far, we’ve done a pretty good job with significant growth and market leading products. But we’re even more ambitious now than ever. With big future growth plans we have vacancies for some new teammates with big talents and expertise. In short: We’ve got big plans.


To be passionate about our customers, we need to be passionate about hiring (and keeping) the best talent. That’s hopefully where you come in.


If you are talented and passionate about digital transformation, tech, platforms, SaaS, customer service, and excellence we’d be pleased to hear from you.


Remote excellence – work from home

Four years ago, we transitioned to a fully remote working setup for all our team members around the world. Working from home:


  • Allows our team members to have the flexibility of working from home (knowing they are fully supported by their colleagues, managers, and service teams, like IT and HR)
  • This means that Marcura and our group companies can recruit globally, wherever the candidate calls homein our entity countries spread across the globe.
  • We call our working from home practice ‘remote excellence’ because our ambition is to be the best possible remote organisation


Marcura and diversity and inclusion

We’re 100% committed to preserving our culture of inclusion and diversity. We’re all different. This makes us stronger as a company and helps to ensure we serve our diverse customers in the best possible way. We’re committed to hiring the best people for the jobs we have. And then making sure they’re happy and can prosper. We’ve made good progress already on gender diversity, a particular issue in the shipping industry. We welcome applications from people with disabilities, who may appreciate the flexibility of our remote excellence policy (work from home). So, if you see a job, you think fits your skills and experience, we’d love to hear from you.


Some of the MarTrust benefits

When you join MarTrust, and the Marcura Group, you can look forward to a the following benefits:

  • highly competitive salary and bonus
  • customer-facing remote-first organisation, which means you can work from home – we organise your home office IT setup and a monthly remote work allowance
  • extensive and inclusive onboarding process: you’ll be up and running in no time
  • flexibility: we encourage a healthy work-life balance supported by our Marcura Wellness Zone
  • employment locally, but in a global and ambitious organisation
  • modern performance management framework: you are supported monthly to achieve your best possible potential
  • great working culture


Here are some of the great things about working at MarTrust:

  • already a successful company;
  • growing company, launching new products, always improving and investing;
  • really great, fun people in the team (but you’ll have to take our word for that until you start!);
  • global mindset, strong values and passionate colleagues from all over the world;
  • innovative approach to customers, our platforms and services backed by an ambitious organisation;
  • digital work environment that’s constantly developing to drive excellence for our customers and our organisation; and
  • modern communication and collaboration tools for our virtual support of customers and each other.


Are you ready to make a lasting impact on the maritime industry while enjoying the perks of an innovative and rapidly expanding company?

Join us on this exhilarating, high-growth journey – We would love to hear from you!

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