Job Description



The post holder will be a senior member of City Football Group’s (“CFG”) safeguarding* team working directly with Lommel SK, ESTAC Troyes FC, Girona FC, the Director of Safeguarding, and in close collaboration with all other members CFG safeguarding team.


The post holder will lead on the implementation of the CFG Safeguarding Strategy and framework (known as “SafeAtCity”) and provide strategic direction, and operational guidance and support to the safeguarding and child protection processes across all CFG-related operations in the ‘Europe and Africa’ region.


The post holder will identify, and then work within, all relevant local legal and regulatory frameworks, providing leadership and support** to the ongoing design, capacity building, resource allocation, strategic development, and the subsequent implementation of, robust and effective safeguarding -related processes in those entities/territories (including, but not limited to):


  • Lommel SK, Belgium
  • Girona FC, Spain
  • ESTAC Troyes, France
  • Other CFG-related commercial and charitable operations and activations in Europe and Africa;
  • City Football Group projects and operations related to this geographic area
    • City Football Foundation (CFF) and relevant partners
    • City Football Education (CFE) and relevant partners
    • City Football Group partnerships and marketing teams


[* Please note: the term “safeguarding” may not be used in some territories; it may also be known as Protection of Minors, Child Protection, Child-Safe, Risk Management or other. The CFG policy also requires our workforce to also protect adult participants (known in the UK as Adults at Risk) who may be at risk of harm whilst under our care as a result of additional vulnerability such as disability, mental health issues or other care, welfare or well-being needs.

** Also note: leadership and support may differ between entities and projects based upon the relationship with CFG as this may range from ownership, through joint venture, partnership, contractual agreement or collaboration, however CFG recognise the need for any entity working with children to promote and develop frameworks that in turn protect and promote the rights of children and vulnerable adults]


Accountabilities with Key Outcomes: 


To promote and protect the rights and well-being of any children and Adults at Risk who come into contact with CFG-related operations in the identified geographic region.

To provide leadership, visibility and co-ordination at local/regional level to the ‘SafeAtCity’ safeguarding framework, working with and supporting the businesses’ leaders, managers, other safeguarding practitioners and the operational workforce.

To contribute to the development and implementation of global/Group safeguarding framework as the local (ie. in-market) subject matter expert, interpreting the Group Safeguarding Strategy, policies, objectives and priorities for local / regional implementation.

To ensure that all relevant local/regional operations are compliant with local legislative and regulatory requirements related to the rights and protection of children and/or Adults at Risk.

To represent all relevant CFG subsidiaries in the safeguarding-related interface with statutory and regulatory bodies, including but not limited to: Police, Child Protective Services, Adult Protective services, football authorities, charity and medical authorities.

To develop and/or lead the local safeguarding education programme for the workforce and others. Where necessary, be an inspirational and knowledgeable educator or facilitator in order to support all colleagues on their safeguarding journey.

To lead, and support the co-ordination of, the local ‘safe recruitment’ policies in accordance with local Human Resources departments, including appropriate criminal record vetting protocols.

To lead or co-ordinate the organisational response to safeguarding-related referrals, concerns and complaints from across the relevant operations and, working closely with managers and/or the local Human Resources personnel as necessary, acting as lead “Concern Manager” or providing operational support where appropriate.

To lead and co-ordinate the work of other local (ie in-market) designated safeguarding personnel and work closely with other managers in the business to ensure the strategic plan is delivered against, and strategic objectives and annual priorities are met. This may include full-time and part-time safeguarding practitioners alongside independent consultants and commissioned safeguarding-related services.

To lead the development of processes that give children and Adults at Risk a voice within CFG business activities to ensure that that they have the opportunity to influence and inform policy and practice, and in order that the workforce will always act in their best interest.

Ensure the accurate maintenance of records in respect of all of the above and ensure all sensitive SafeAtCity data and information is held securely (using approved CFG recording and storage systems) and in accordance with internal protocols and local data protection regulations.

Contribute to the SafeAtCity reporting processes as and when required, producing data, insights and recommendations where appropriate; this will include the regular reporting to local management teams of key safeguarding performance indicators.

Knowledge, Skills and Experience: 




Competent in written and fluent in oral languages:  English & French.


Experienced professional with experience in a relevant senior and/or strategic  organisational/management role.


Graduate-level qualified or professional equivalent in contemporary safeguarding practice or similar.


A team player who demonstrates an understanding of the need to share and work with others to achieve common goals and able to inspire those others on their safeguarding journey.


IT literate with ability to communicate both in writing and verbally at all levels of business operations in the required language(s).


Approachable, diplomatic, discrete, thoughtful and driven to succeed and demonstrates high levels of personal and professional integrity and a ‘can do’ attitude.


Able to travel domestically and internationally and for significant periods of time to conduct support, training, monitoring and compliance visits.


Experience of developing and implementing policies, protocols and guidance in a child or adult social care setting and experience of managing and influencing people, meetings, projects, events within this setting.


Experience of handling sensitive data in accordance with local data protection regulations.




Knowledge of adult social care systems and contemporary adult safeguarding practice and the relevant legislation and regulation in those fields.


Knowledge of the workings of professional sports businesses and particularly the application of safeguarding principles therein.


Demonstrate a working knowledge and understanding of inclusion, equality and anti – discrimination legislation, policy and practice.


Language skills: Dutch, Spanish/Catalan.


Knowledge of sports coaching principles and practice and, in particular, able to demonstrate experience of working within sport or academic performance pathways and/or community/charitable projects.


Experience of working directly with children and listening to and valuing their views, opinions and concerns.


Experience of delivering training to groups.

Demonstrates ability to influence and negotiate with staff, other members of the workforce, participants, players and parents.


Ability to conduct or lead investigations of a sensitive nature.


Job Impact/Influence Measures: Show data in approximate or in a range which job has impact on. Please state if the impact is direct or indirect. Think about financial elements e.g. budget, scale of role e.g. people management, network reach, sales impact etc.


Whilst senior leaders in our operations are legally accountable for the welfare, well-being and protection of all those in contact with the organisation, the Safeguarding Manager has direct responsibility for the implementation of the safeguarding framework at any CFG related operation within their geographic area.


They must ensure each operation’s compliance with all relevant laws and regulations that apply. They must ensure that the organisations are acting to promote and protect the rights of any children or Adults at Risk who are in contact with club (or other) operations, and that decisions are taken in the best interests of those participants. They must also ensure compliance with all the relevant regulations of the football regulatory authorities and be prepared for relevant internal or external inspections or audits.


The post-holder may be required to directly lead a team of designated Safeguarding Officers (in whatever form they are appointed) and both receive and provide ‘SafeAtCity Supervision’ as required.


The post-holder will have some indirect responsibility for the local elements of the overall safeguarding budget within the department budget and is accountable for expenditure in respect of the programme.

Decision-making Authority: Indicate what decisions the job is expected to make and what it is expected to recommend.

The Safeguarding Manager is directly required to develop and maintain a range of relationships to ensure the effective implementation of the SafeAtCity framework and Group Safeguarding Policy and related processes.


They will be required to make or support decisions relating to the welfare, well-being and protection of children and Adults at Risk connected to CFG-related activity and through the relationships internally and externally.

How to apply: Safeguarding Manager (Europe & Africa) | Jobs In Football

Closing Date: 12 April 2021