Job Description

Title: Manager

Reports to: Project Manager and all our children

Our service Managers are essentially the most influential employees of Simply Play. Simply
Play’s success is heavily dependent upon the creativeness, enthusiasm, passion, experience,
knowledge and empathy of our Managers. This is why we take this role very seriously and
believe we need to be specific and clear about who we want.

The Job:
To be the mum, dad, big sister or brother, the best friend and the nurse. To be the team
captain and lead by example with compassion, humour, fun, not forgetting professionalism.
To take time to listen and be understanding and approachable. To smile and give a hug even
when you are tired and want to go home. To be ready to do the unexpected and understand
that our children are our top priority. You might even be the agony aunt or uncle to your staff
and parents – you will make the job your own. Ultimately, you build nurturing relationships
and strive to inspire everyone around you.

Absolutely Essential:
• Love children
• Understand the power of a Simply Play ACE – Awesome Childhood Experience
• Be funny, friendly, open, serious, quiet, loud – most importantly, be yourself
• Take play seriously – understand the power of play
• Want to have fun
• Passionate about fairness and equality; prepared to stand up for what you believe


Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities:
• To ensure that your children and staff are: Safe, Healthy, Achieving, Nurtured, Active,
Responsible, Respected, Included
• You are our team captain You understand that if we need to list the duties you need to do
then you are not right for us
• Make happy memories for all our children


What we will be looking for:
Someone who delivers on all of the above and:
• Has an understanding of the role as a Manager within a childcare setting
• Is able to register with the SSSC as a Manager
• Is (or can be) a member of the PVG scheme
• Asks questions
• Challenges poor practice, discrimination, inequality and rudeness
• Wants to improve and develop their practice and understanding of play
• Is open to learning from their mistakes and giving it a go
• Looks in the mirror and smiles


In Return:
• Your pay will start at £13.29 per hour, for 18 hours per week. We will need you to work
between 2:30pm – 6:00pm Monday to Thursday with rest of your time for admin and
• You will get 26 days holidays to give you a break and re-charge your batteries
• We will listen to you and do our best to support you professionally and personally. If you
have an idea – we are all ears


For more information on how to apply, please click here.