Job Description

Service: Childrens

Section: Safeguarding and Quality Assurance

Hours: 22.2 hours per week

Appointment subject to a satisfactory Enhanced DBS check.

Post is Welsh ESSENTIAL

The job description for this post:

Overall Job Purpose:
Each Independent safeguarding and reviewing officer will focus on a specific area of practice: but may
be called upon to undertaken any and all of these duties.
At the current time, the focus of this post will be practice undertaken with looked after children. This may
changes as service priorities evolve. The post is designed to

a) Contribute towards improving the quality of the social work practice delivered to vulnerable
children, their families and carers;
b) Support the understanding of whether practice is meeting standards and making a difference
c) Support safe professional practice: Providing an independent scrutiny of the arrangements for
the care and support of children and young people including those looked after
d) Carry out some safeguarding processes: Chair Child Protection Case Conferences, Part IV
meetings and Statutory reviews of looked after children, IFSS Reviews, Care and Support Plan
e) Champion the voice of children, their families: and their carers
f) Contribute to the Quality Assurance Framework and its improvement processes, ensuring that
a high standard of service is provided to the children looked after by Ynys Môn.
Whilst managerial direction and regular supervision is provided, the post holder is expected to show
initiative, and frequently make decisions within areas of delegated accountability, without ready
access to their line manager. The delegated areas of responsibility will be directed by Regulations,
Procedures and Service/Council Policies & Procedures and the service scheme of delegation.

General: To comply with the local authority’s Corporate Safeguarding Policy and the safeguarding
duties and responsibilities which that policy places on every employee, aligning with the core values of
the Authority which includes supporting children, adults who may be at risk and their families to keep
them safe and healthy.

Principal Accountabilities / Key Tasks:
1. Contribute to the implementation of the Quality Improvement Framework across Children
a. Implementing practice standards
b. Undertake planned and systematic evaluations of practice – used to shape the practice
improvement agenda
c. Provide an objective and evidenced view about the quality of practice within identified
areas and the impact of Improvement actions
d. Disseminate learning and provide opportunities for practitioners to develop their skills,
knowledge and understanding to improve their practice
e. Identify priority areas of focus to support further learning and improvement
f. Promote sound practice through the provision of advice, coaching and training.

2. The post holder will act in a challenge and change role: Ask probing questions, Provide
objective feedback, Amplify the voice of service users & Support steps to improve practice.

3. The post holder will be responsible for chairing meetings, which could include reviews of
Care and Support plans, case conferences reviews of children who are looked after by Isle of
Anglesey County Council. This will include all those who are
a. Receiving a service under a managed Care and Support Plan
b. At risk of abuse and/or significant harm under the Children Act 1989 and the
Social Services and Wellbeing (Wales) Act 2014.
c. Placed on the Child Protection Register under the All Wales Child Protection
Procedures (2008).
d. In care within the meaning of Children Act 1989 (Section 31)
e. Accommodated by the Authority, including those who are in Respite Care
(though not including those who come under Section 17 of the Children Act
f. In an Adoption Placement, if they are looked after, prior to the making of an
Adoption Order
g. Entitled to a Pathway Plan under the Leaving Care Act 2000.
Responsible for the maintenance of arrangements to ensure completion of conferences and
reviews within statutory timescales and to high standards.

4. The post holder will identify and monitor the quality of practice and the effectiveness of
service interventions to promote outcomes for children and young people. The post holder
can make recommendations to the Authority as to how to meet the child’s needs.

5. The post holder will keep a clear record of their work on the child’s file including detailed
records of discussions and decisions taken. They will do so in a way that is timely and
evidences robust and proactive scrutiny.

6. Provide professional challenge and in cases where they identify poor practice or other
issues that cause concern that require urgent remedial attention inform the appropriate
manager within the service. If this is not successful in gaining a resolution, the post holder
will implement the Valuing Professional Challenge Protocol and/or the North Wales Protocol
for Resolving Professional Differences. Early warnings of failure in performance must be
given to the appropriate manager within the service and ensure that support is provided for
the management response to the issue(s) raised.

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