Social Work

Broken promise?: Scottish social workers’ crisis puts at risk child protection revolution

8th June 2022

FEARS have been raised that a ministerial pledge to revolutionise the care of young people in Scotland is at risk with social workers at “a critical tipping point” as staff report increasing concerns that social work workloads have become unmanageable. A new analysis by Social Work Scotland (SWS) describes an ageing workforce – with some 19% reaching…

Glasgow support worker who let ‘threatened’ woman and baby stay at her home given warning

30th May 2022

A housing support worker has been given a warning for failing to inform social services that a ‘very vulnerable’ young mother was being threatened, then letting the woman and her baby stay overnight in her home.   A Glasgow housing support worker failed to let social services know that a ‘very vulnerable’ young mother was…

Social workers under fire over Scots teen whose mum left her to die while she went to pub

30th May 2022

A case review was commissioned following the death of Robyn Goldie whose mum was later jailed for failing to get her medical help. Social workers have come under fire over the death of a 13-year-old girl whose mum left her to die on a couch while she went to the pub. Robyn Goldie developed peritonitis and passed away…