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A ‘catastrophic education emergency’ has seen children in 14 countries miss almost a year of in-school teaching, a Unicef report has found

10th March, 2021 8:34 am

Pandemic school closures see 168 million children miss almost a year of education At least 168 million children worldwide have missed almost an entire year of school, Unicef has warned, amid concerns that restrictions to tame the coronavirus have triggered a “catastrophic education emergency”. According to a report published on Wednesday, schools in 14 countries – the majority in Latin... View Article

IICSA Key Inquiry recommendation on ‘positions of trust’ included in new bill

9th March, 2021 2:36 pm

A key Inquiry recommendation to ban clergy from sexual relationships with 16-18 year olds in their care could be implemented as part of a new bill. New legislation planned for England and Wales would mean faith leaders and sports coaches are defined as ‘positions of trust’ alongside teachers and doctors. It would therefore make sexual relationships between people in these... View Article

Webinar: Getting the language right – gaming and social media

9th March, 2021 2:00 pm

As the lines between online and offline continue to blur, in particular for young people, it is increasingly important that the language, phrases and terminology used online are understood by practitioners working with children and young people. While “sexting” is a word now commonly recognised and used, would you know what had happened if a child told you they had... View Article

New agreement between CQC and Equality and Human Rights Commission

9th March, 2021 9:52 am

CQC and Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) have published a new memorandum of understanding (MoU) agreement. The agreement sets out how CQC will work with the EHRC to safeguard the wellbeing and rights of people receiving health and social care in England. The agreement sets out how CQC will work with colleagues at EHRC on: areas of mutual regulatory... View Article

‘Loophole’ to close to protect teenagers from potential abuse from sports coaches

9th March, 2021 8:56 am

Following extensive lobbying from all quarters of the safeguarding sector the government has confirmed it will close the “loophole” in the law that allows sports coaches and other people in positions of power to have sex with 16- and 17-year-olds in their care. The government will close a “loophole” in the law that allows sports coaches and other people in... View Article

Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner paper – The EU Settlement Scheme and points-based immigration system

15th February, 2021 9:04 am

Protecting individuals from exploitation by criminal traffickers and unscrupulous employers: Identifying and mitigating risks in the EU Settlement Scheme and the UK’s new points-based immigration system The Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner, Dame Sara Thornton, has today published a briefing paper outlining potential risks of exploitation related to the EU Settlement Scheme and the UK’s new points-based immigration system. In February 2020... View Article

Webinar: County Lines – understanding risks and preparing for post-lockdown

11th February, 2021 11:00 am

This webinar will introduce delegates to County Lines, the illegal transport of drugs from one area to another, crossing local authority boundaries. County Lines is a term used within the UK to describe where organised crime networks and gangs recruit or coerce children or vulnerable adults into trafficking drugs across boundaries and into different areas. Providing an update on what... View Article

Two thirds of child sexual abuse survivors didn’t tell anyone about abuse at the time

29th January, 2021 8:07 am

New research from the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse has found that over two thirds of victims and survivors did not tell anyone that they were being sexually abused at the time it was happening. One in 10 disclosed the abuse for the first time when they spoke to the Inquiry’s Truth Project. More than 5,400 victims and survivors of child sexual... View Article

Virtual Conference: abuse online – managing and preventing incidents

22nd January, 2021 9:30 am

Where “going offline” is more of a challenge or detox, the positive and negative impact of online engagement, can have a significant impact on the mental health and development of young people. Abuse, in particular, has proven serious real-life repercussions. Negotiating how best to use the internet and social media to engage young people is also a challenge for professionals... View Article

Webinar: What’s new – Drugs and alcohol

18th January, 2021 2:00 pm

This webinar will take a look at drug and alcohol use among young people, highlighting current trends in substances and how they are being used. Among the topics covered will be substances themselves, but also the multitude of associated risk factors and the reasons why young people might choose to use drugs and/or alcohol. Delegates will leave the session feeling... View Article