Desperate mum says school bullies strangled and cut daughter, 6, with scissors

Posted: 8th February 2023

A mum says she has been left fearing for her daughter’s safety after she said she was strangled and cut open by bullies at just five years old.

The woman, who did not wish to be named, said she has been left appalled by the incidents her daughter has been involved in at a Midlothian school in Scotland.

She has raised concerns over the way the school and Midlothian Council have investigated them.

Speaking anonymously to Edinburgh Live, she told of how her daughter would often come home with cuts and bruises, with the majority of the incidents occurring when the child was five. The parent has released images of the injuries.

She also told of the psychological effect the incidents have had on her daughter, saying that she is now scared of going to school and is in a state of worry.

The parent also admitted that she doesn’t know where to turn to, to ensure her child is safe at school.

Of the incidents that occurred, the woman said her daughter was strangled on multiple occasions, punched, and had her hair pulled and cut off by bullies.

The child also was injured after falling from a height and hitting her head.

The woman said: “I first noticed there was something wrong around Easter time, 2022. She came home with multiple cuts on her face. The teacher said they didn’t know how it happened. She then told me someone grabbed her neck in the playground in April and had purple finger marks on her neck the next day.

“We also pursued legal advice following an incident where she was concussed after falling onto her head from a height. She was asked to put something away on a stool and fell as a result, but we were told by the council that following an internal investigation, my daughter was swinging on her chair and fell.

“I want to make my daughter safe, I’m not attacking individual teachers or children. I’ve come home and sat in tears after dropping her off as she refuses to go in and tells me she’s scared.”

In response to her concerns, the parent says she feels she has been treated as though she isn’t believed by school staff.

She then put forward a complaint to the council, which has been seen by Edinburgh Live, the response outlining that an accident form should have been filled out following the head injury.

Following the outcome report, the council suggested the parent contact Education Scotland if she was still unhappy.

A letter, seen by Edinburgh Live, states that two of the parent’s complaints were partially upheld.

One of them stated that the child should have been under constant supervision following her head injury. The second state that incidents should be investigated in a timely manner.

A Midlothian Council spokesperson said: “We take all allegations of bullying very seriously. There are procedures in place within the school and within the Education and Children’s Services division to deal with reported incidents and to respond to concerns and complaints.

“These procedures have been followed and the concerns of the family fully investigated. The school has met with the parent and will continue to work with her to address any issues.”

Source: Mirror

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