Bristol freshers: City’s efforts to improve safety for students

Posted: 30th September 2022

A series of films and a poster campaign are being used to raise safety awareness among first year students.

Bristol is welcoming 60,000 students back to the city for the new academic year.

The campaign offers insights into drugs and alcohol harm reduction, drink spiking, and looking out for friends and safety around water.

The films also address issues around harassment and reducing burglaries in student accommodation.

Bristol City Council, Bristol City Centre BID, Avon and Somerset Police, Bristol University and University of the West of England, have joined forces for the campaign.

Five films will be shared by all the partners, giving tips and advice from students, the police, Bristol Harbour Master and the city’s venue operators.

And a re-distribution of the Bristol Rules billboards and posters will focus on offering advice and support on how freshers can safely enjoy a night out.

One student Deborah Ogunbamowo said watching the safety films made her think about being more wary when she goes out at night.

She said: “At all points of the night I’m thinking about [safety], especially the walk home.

“Even in a taxi, sometimes you do feel a bit unsafe.”

In Alexander Sampson’s first year at university, burglars broke into his accommodation, taking laptops and iPhones.

“It was just massive shock. You’d expect it to be a safe space,” he said.

Isadora Jukes said she had her drink spiked in a club during her first year.

“From then on, I’ve been more nervous and wary,” she explained.

She believes the campaign will help to better inform nightclubs on how to handle drink spiking.

Ch Insp Rob Cheeseman said: “It’s a really safe city for students, and I think this piece of work really shows how committed the police and all of our partners are here in this city, to making it even safer for them.”

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