Child Protection Week: every child needs a fair go

Posted: 5th September 2022

National Child Protection Week began on Saturday and this year’s theme is ‘Every child, in every community, needs a fair go’.

The National Association for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (NAPCAN) advocates for the rights of children and young people. NAPCAN believes that the only way to keep children and young people safe from harm is to stop abuse before it occurs and prevent them from entering the statutory child protection system. ‘Primary prevention’ is the best option for children, for families, for communities, and for government budgets.

NAPCAN Patron, Governor General David Hurley, highlights the importance of all Australians working towards a common goal of every child, in every community being loved, cared for, having their needs met and being afforded the chance to realise their potential. ‘This goal must be important to all Australians.

Already working hard

‘I commend all of you who are already working hard each day – as individuals, community members, volunteers and workers – to help create communities that support families and children. Together we can make a positive difference in children’s lives to support them as they grow to adulthood.’

NAPCAN CEO Richard Cooke says all families need effective support from their communities to lighten their load so they can focus on building the strong relationships with their children that are so important for early brain development and future health. ‘Prolonged “toxic” stress, such as living in a community with high rates of abuse and violence, may stop children from getting a strong foundation for life.

‘The stress of finances, health, work or relationships can make it difficult for parents to navigate life and provide the stability that is so important for children.

‘We encourage everyone to work together to ensure every neighbourhood across Australia has strong foundations for families and children – from jobs, stable housing, health services, financial support, and child care – through to libraries, parks, playgrounds, clubs, and social supports.

‘When we address these root causes of stress, we lighten the load for families and create healthier communities for everyone, particularly children.’

September 4 to 10

National Child Protection Week runs from 4 – 10 September and involves community events (online and offline) all around Australia.

A key part of the 2022 campaign is a series of free online webinars, open to everyone who wants to support families and children to thrive in their community.

The Governor-General will officially launch National Child Protection Week at a public live-streamed event today, Monday 5 September.

Register for the launch and other webinars at

NAPCAN is the National Association for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect. For more information visit

Source: Child Protection Week: every child needs a fair go – The Echo

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