Staff at Raysfield Preschool sat with backs to babies eating and left children’s nappies unchanged

Posted: 14th July 2022

A preschool where staff sat with their backs to eating babies, failed to change nappies on outings and took photos of children and CCTV footage home has shut.

Raysfield PreSchool in Chipping Sodbury closed suddenly on Friday 8 July after education watchdog Ofsted found serious failings.

Inspectors noted that staff did not always ensure the entrance doors to the premises were secured, meaning individuals could access children without being challenged and that children could leave unsupervised.

Staff also took home the school’s electronic tablets, which contained photos of children. CCTV footage of children was also taken home by managers and on occasions viewed from home.

Inspectors found the provision to be ‘inadequate’ in several areas saying children were at ‘significant risk of harm’.

The report says children’s safety was compromised at the preschool, which operated out of Dodington Parish Hall in Finch Road.

It found staff did not supervise children sufficiently to ensure their wellbeing, with weaknesses in safeguarding children significantly compromising children’s safety and welfare.

The report says: “Staff sit with their backs to babies in high chairs who are eating their lunch while they tend to other children. These failures put children at risk of choking.”

Inspectors added: “Staff do not promote children’s good health well enough. For example, they do not change children’s nappies on outings to the local soft-play centre. They do not ensure that all toddlers are given a drink with their meal at lunchtime.”

Following the closure, a spokesperson from South Gloucestershire Council told ITV News: “The committee governing Raysfield Preschool has taken the decision to close the facility.

“While this is going to be disappointing for some families, the council is writing to the parents and carers of children not beginning school next year to provide details of alternative nursery providers, so that families can continue to claim their free nursery education entitlement in the Autumn term if still required.”

When approached for comment, Raysfield Preschool says it will not be commenting on the closure at this stage.



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