St Helens paedophile caught with £10k told to forfeit cash

8th June, 2022 7:47 am

A paedophile who was found with £10,000 while trying to flee from police in a campervan with his sex offender partner has been ordered to hand over the cash.

David Morris, 53, was jailed for 16 years in December while primary school deputy head teacher Julie Morris, 44, was sentenced to 13 years, four months.

The St Helens couple filmed themselves abusing and raping a girl under 13.

David Morris withdrew the cash the day after his arrest in September 2021 and they were heading to the Lake District.

Julie Morris, of Hindley, was safeguarding lead at St George’s Central C of E Primary School in Wigan.

Her convictions are not related to her employment there.

The Crown Prosecution Service said it was one of the most horrific cases they had ever dealt with.

David and Julie Morris committed dozens of child sexual abuse offences, including nine counts of rape.

Prosecutor Damion Lloyd said it was the “pinnacle” of the most “disgusting and depraved types of acts that people can discuss and do”.

The couple’s crimes were first uncovered when police found a conversation about the sexual abuse of children involving David Morris, of Sandfield Road, Eccleston, in a phone seized during a search warrant.

He was arrested on 2 September. A number of devices were seized which showed recordings of rape and sexual abuse, Liverpool Crown Court heard.

The pair were arrested the following day and he was found with £10,000 in his possession, Merseyside Police said.

They thought they “could evade capture and avoid paying for their heinous crimes,” said Det Insp Lisa Milligan.

“They were wrong.”

The money David Morris was ordered to surrender from the Proceeds of Crime Act hearing at Liverpool Magistrates’ Court on Monday will be split between Merseyside Police and the Home Office.

It will be reinvested in policing, the force said.

Source: BBC

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