Pupil arrested over ‘making threats to kill’

1st June, 2022 2:35 pm

The schoolboy was arrested after the Priory School, in Lewes, East Sussex, alerted police officers following the posts made on social media “threatening to kill”

A boy has been arrested after making threats to kill on social media, sparking a “lockdown drill” at his school.

Sussex Police officers were alerted to posts uploaded by the boy by The Priory School in Lewes on Monday.

The teenage suspect has since been released under investigation, Sussex Live reported.

A spokesman for the force said: “Just after 12.15pm on Monday (May 23) police received a report a threat [to] The Priory School in Lewes had been posted on social media.

“Officers are working with the school and engaging with local authorities to safeguard the pupils.

“We can confirm we are not looking for anyone else in relation to this incident and no one at the school was harmed.

“A boy was arrested on suspicion of making threats to kill and has since been released under investigation.”

They added they are not looking for anyone else involved in connection with the incident.

Headteacher Tony Smith said in a letter to concerned parents: “On Monday (23 May) afternoon the school was alerted to a potential security issue. On receipt of the information we contacted the police who have given the issue a high priority.

“At this stage we are unable to share more detail as the issue is under police investigation.

“As you know, the school has a set of policies and procedures to address potential security issues and we have been following these and testing the robustness of what we have in place.

“We were contacted by the police this morning, to inform us that they had made progress with the issue and in potentially identifying some of the persons who are involved. They are taking appropriate action – as a school we are reassured that this has significantly reduced the security issue. ”

“We did, however, run a lockdown drill just after midday to ensure that our procedures are up to date and secure and to remind all staff of the protocols we have in place. We felt this was important as we last had a drill before the national Covid-19 interruptions, so it is important that students and staff new to the school since then, are aware of procedures.

“We ask that you do not discuss this (in person or on social media) as the issue is still under police investigation.

“At this point in time this is as much information we can provide.”

Source: Boy arrested over ‘making threats to kill towards secondary school on social media’ – Mirror Online

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