Sex offenders in Glasgow – the postcodes with the highest number revealed in police figures

Posted: 27th April 2022

The latest figures published by Police Scotland have confirmed there are currently 5,752 sex offenders living in Scotland, with 1,006 living in G postcode areas.

New figures released by Police Scotland have confirmed the number of sex offenders living in each council area of Scotland.

The data reveals the number of registered sex offenders (RSO) per postcode across the country. As of March 2022, there are 1,006 RSOs living in a G postcode community area.

There are currently 5,752 sex offenders living in Scotland, with 4,150 living in the community and 1,602 in prison or hospital. Motherwell is the area in Scotland with the most sex offenders

The highest amount of RSOs can be found in ML1, covering Motherwell, with 65 in the area according to the figures.

The G postcode area takes in Glasgow City, West Dunbartonshire, as well as parts of North Lanarkshire, South Lanarkshire, East Renfrewshire, Argyll and Bute and Stirling.

It has revealed the highest number of sex offenders living in the region are in the G81 area which is west of the city and includes the Clydebank area.

This is followed by G13 – which includes Knightswood and Anniesland – which has 44 RSOs living in the area and G51 (Govan) which has 42 sex offenders in the neighbourhood.

G21 (Springburn) has 38 sex offenders registered as residents of the area while G32 and G33 in the east of the city both have 36.

A statement from Police Scotland reads: “Protecting the public is a priority for Police Scotland. While we can never eliminate risk entirely, we want to reassure communities that all reasonable steps are being taken to protect them.

Source: Glasgow Live

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