Glasgow homeless food kitchen says it is feeding more children on city streets

Posted: 27th April 2022

A homeless charity said it is seeing more children at its food kitchen and is asking for help to get premises to run its operation indoors.

Homeless Project Scotland operates a service under the Heilanman’s Umbrella bridge in Argyle Street three nights a week and hands out hundreds of meals every week.

The charity says it is seeing more and more children at the kitchen but said the street is not the ideal location for delivering the service.

Last month it was reported how screens at the serving stations were smashed and a teenager arrested in connection with the incident.

The charity wants to be able to offer an indoor space where the food can be prepared and served to people at tables where it is warmer and safer.

Glasgow City Council said it is looking at potential premises for the charity and it has offered child protection training.

Colin McInness, manager of Homeless Project Scotland, said: “The numbers of children and families at our Glasgow soup kitchen is growing.

“It is very sad to see any child hungry and needing to eat.

“The streets of Glasgow are cold and windy. We need a building to bring the children, families, homeless, vulnerable and lonely together under a roof where it is warm, full of compassion, a safe place for them with hot food and anything else they require.”

Mr McInnes said he has contacted the main political parties standing for election to Glasgow City Council to support their charity and effort to find suitable premises.

A Glasgow City Council spokeswoman said: “We are in discussions with City Property with regards to potential premises being identified and Homeless Project Scotland is fully aware of the progress and is in regular contact with officers.

“The people running Homeless Project Scotland have been offered Child Protection training but so far not responded.  They are also acutely aware that any child concerns should be shared immediately with our Out of Hours Service so appropriate advice and engagement can take place via the agreed process.


“Homeless Project Scotland food provision attracts many vulnerable people, most of whom are experiencing financial hardship but are not homeless and we work closely with Police Scotland and other Third Sector partners to ensure any concerns are managed.

“We urge anyone who encounters a vulnerable person to get in touch with us or those partner organisations which provide support and assistance to vulnerable people in the city so that we can ensure they are getting immediate and longer-term support.”

Source: Glasgow Evening Times



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