Police highlight rise in sex crimes is top priority

29th March, 2022 1:56 pm

Chief Superintendent Mark Sutherland (pictured left) highlighted a rise in sex crimes

Chief Superintendent Mark Sutherland (pictured left) highlighted a rise in sex crimes

Sexual crimes and cyber-related offences are on the rise in the Greater Glasgow Division, according to the area’s top police chief.


Chief Superintendent Mark Sutherland, who is responsible for the division’s nine command areas, including East Renfrewshire, revealed that the trend is in line with a nationwide increase.

He made the comments following the release of Police Scotland’s Quarter Three Performance Report last week.

Figures for April to December 2021 show sexual crimes had risen to the highest level recorded in the past five years.

It said that sexual assault and rape of females continue to be the main drivers for the increase, with a 10.4% rise in the number of rapes compared to the year before.

“While this latest report outlines reductions across several crime groups, Greater Glasgow is in line with the national picture in that it is seeing an increase in sexual crime and cyber-related crime,” the divisional commander said.

“The increase highlights how our response to online offending and public protection are very much a key part of frontline policing in a modern society.”

Police Scotland said its sexual crime prevention campaign, “Don’t Be That Guy”, seeks to reduce sexual offending by challenging male sexual entitlement and highlights the role men can play in challenging misogynist behaviour.

It is also developing an anti-violence against women and girls strategy as part of its overarching public protection strategy and said a key part of this will be involving and listening to survivors.

Deputy Chief Constable Fiona Taylor said: “Demand in the sexual crime and cybercrime spaces, in particular, have increased against the five-year average.

“We are investing in our digital forensics capability and significant work is under way to implement our Cyber Strategy.

“Tackling sexual crime remains a key priority and we will continue to focus campaigns and enforcement in this area.”

Meanwhile, there were 1,412 online child sexual abuse crimes recorded, a decrease of 8.8% (137 fewer crimes) compared to the year before.

The report also revealed the number of attempted murders, serious assaults and weapons offences also went down nationwide.

Source: Barrhead News

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