Sacpa update – IICSA report into residential schools

1st March, 2022 12:44 pm

The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) has today (Tuesday, March 1) published its final investigation report. A copy of the full report can be read by following this link: Residential Schools Investigation Report | IICSA Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse.

Please see below a statement from the Safeguarding and Child Protection Association (Sacpa) regarding the publication of the report:


“The Safeguarding and Child Protection Association (Sacpa) welcomes the publication of IICSA’s final report, and we will be analysing the report in detail over the coming days. What is sadly clear is the utterly disgusting and reprehensible behaviour of some truly repugnant individuals which has been highlighted by this inquiry. This can never be excused or condemned strongly enough.


“It’s important also at this point to pay tribute to the strength and courage every abuse survivor who contributed to this process and made their voice heard. Their bravery and determination will undoubtedly help others share their stories and gain justice. We continue to stand as one with all survivors of abuse, and offer them our full support.


“We fully support the recommendation that ‘Schools need to accept that “it could happen here”, and in the case of harmful sexual behaviour between pupils that “it probably is happening here”.’


“We should acknowledge that the independent schools sector has made considerable improvement during the past few years, in terms of the standards of safeguarding and the levels of pastoral care now available to pupils from dedicated staff with specialist safeguarding skills and training. It’s vital this continues and this report reminds us that this process of continuous improvement never ends.


“Following this report, we once again renew our long-standing call that the UK government and devolved administrations in Scotland and Wales follow the example set by Northern Ireland and many other countries around the globe and introduce mandatory reporting of abuse. This would improve safeguarding and child protection in the UK immeasurably. The first duty of any elected government is to protect its citizens, and we implore UK governments to do the right thing and fulfil their duty of care to some of the most vulnerable members of society.”


–        Aileen Kane, Director, Sacpa


Any members requiring advice or support following publication of the report can contact the Sacpa Team at

We will also be running a related webinar, First thoughts on the IICSA investigation report into residential schools, which takes place on March 11, followed by a virtual conference, Themes and action points from the IICSA final research report into residential schools, running on April 28. Please follow the event links if you would like to book a place at either of these sessions.

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