The Range slammed for ‘bikini body’ calendar urging women to lose 23lbs

Posted: 4th November 2021

The calendar was spotted in The Range and on Amazon to the disgust of some shoppers.

Eating disorder charities have slammed shops for selling a ‘countown calendar’ encouraging women to lose 23lbs – to get a ‘bikini body’.

The calendar was spotted in The Range and on Amazon to the disgust of some shoppers.

Made of wood in the shape of a torso in a pink swimsuit the calendar features 23 circular slots to fit pound coins representing 1lb each.

It is advertised as a “fun and unique way to save money and get fit” – allowing purchasers to “save money and lose weight”.

Complaints about the product on social media say it glamorizes weight anxiety with several people calling for it’s removal.

Tom Quinn, director of external affairs at eating disorder charity Beat, said: “We were concerned to see that The Range is selling a calendar that glamorises weight loss.

“We know that idealising thinness can be very damaging for people with or vulnerable to eating disorders, as it can encourage or serve as ‘inspiration’ for harmful eating disorder behaviours.

“Whilst pressure to reach body ideals like the ‘bikini body’ are unlikely to be the sole cause of an eating disorder, it can be extremely unhelpful to people in recovery.

“Pressure to reach ‘goal weights’ can also cause distress and shame around body image, or even lead to an eating disorder developing.”

Eating disorders reportedly affect up to 1.25mn people in the UK according to Beat, from all genders, backgrounds and sizes.

The product has met endless criticism on Twitter, with Laura Macdonald commenting: “@TheRangeUK if you have a body you already have a bikini body.

“This is so stupid it literally made me cringe. tacky”.

Freya Lewis also responded to the product, saying: “hi @TheRangeUK these aren’t the most body positive items. Surely every body a bikini body ?

“Why are your products relating weight to self worth, could easily trigger people’s body dysmorphia please rethink the impact these products could have body positivity”

The product has also met some more practical criticism on Amazon where Debbie felt disappointed by the product’s quality.

“Looks good and great inspiration but the pound coins dont fit properly in the holes.

“The holes are huge so I cant hang it up as when its vertical the pound coins fall out. So disappointed”.

Another critic, tweeting from as far back as August, said: “Young women and girls struggle with body issues enough through social media and clothing retail without it being forced on us whilst trying to buy new soft furnishings and mugs.

Source: Daily Record, November 2021

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