TikTok expand family pairing feature with educational resources for parents

24th September, 2021 3:16 pm

Last year, Internet Matters worked with TikTok to create the family pairing feature. This setup allowed family members to link their personal TikTok accounts with their children’s profiles to manage some key privacy settings and parental controls. Family pairing  allows children and young people to experience the app, whilst also providing certain restrictions towards how they search for content and how they interact with others.

Internet Matters have worked with TikTok, as well as young people, to include new educational resources for parents in the app. It was found that although children and young people were using apps with parental controls setup, there was very little awareness from parents around how they should appropriately involve themselves in their digital lives.

This new guidance gives information on how teenagers use TikTok as well as suggestions for how parents should support and involve themselves in their social media lives.

Digital Parenting Advice

If a parent has setup the Family Pairing feature, they will now receive supporting resources around digital parenting. These are presented as tips which parents are notified about when using the app. They include a list of suggestions that open up conversations around safer internet use whilst highlighting important factors such as trust and respect towards their children’s privacy.

They also present how young people want to fully understand the rules around their social media use as well as feel they can approach a parent if something goes wrong. As part of this, it highlights the importance of parents not panicking when issues arise and always being available to talk.

As parents become more informed around what their children want from them, it can open up valuable discussions around how family members can support and respect each other around social media use.

As we’ve said before, features such as parental controls and family pairing can help with setting boundaries but opening up conversations can have a much better impact. If you want to learn more about TikTok’s privacy features, why not download the SWGfL checklist for free? You can also take a look at Childnet’s family agreement to learn more about opening discussions within the household around online safety.


Source: UK Safer Internet Centre

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