Racism, Islamophobia and conspiracy theories among extremist views witnessed in classrooms, study finds

Posted: 8th September 2021

A majority of teachers have heard students express extremist views including racism, homophobia and conspiracy theories in classrooms across England, a study suggests.

But schools are unable to tackle extremism in young people due to a lack of resources and training, as well as limited space in the curriculum, a report by the University College London (UCL) found.

The study collated views from 96 teachers across schools in England, with the majority saying they have heard pupils express far-right extremist views in the classroom, as well as Islamophobia and “extremist views about women”.

Nearly nine in 10 say they have heard conspiracy theories being discussed by students – including the theory that Bill Gates “controls people via microchips in Covid vaccines”.

Almost all teachers say they have overheard “hateful extremism” through racist views.

Source: The Independent

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