Shock rise in school kids being monitored over far-right extremism

21st June, 2021 11:58 am

Soaring numbers of youngsters are being monitored over right-wing extremism.

Of 302 people identified in 2019-20, 70 were 14 or younger while 105 were aged between 15 and 20.

That is a 200 per cent increase in just four years.

In the same period, figures for those at risk of Islamist radicalisation have fallen from 190 under 20s to 110.

Home Office statistics obtained by The Sun on Sunday show most of the right-wing cases referred to Government deradicalisation programmes came after concerns were raised by teachers or police.

The figures mirror a rise in recent cases where Hitler-loving teenagers have been caught with weapons or spreading internet hate.

They include grammar school pupil Harry Vaughan, 18, of South West London.

He was given a suspended sentence in November for parroting propaganda for a now-banned terror group and possessing weapons and explosives manuals.

Nigel Bromage, founder of Exit UK, which helps people leave far-right sects, said extremists saw the internet as their “number one recruitment ground”.

He added: “The far-right and other extremists are speaking to our children on their phones and in their bedrooms and the vast majority of parents have no idea what is going on.”

Source: The Sun

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