TikTok Star-Turned-Musician Bella Poarch On the Impossibility Of Beauty Standards & The Value Of Therapy

19th May, 2021 1:47 pm

“Take the filters away and I’m still happy being me.” The third most-followed person on TikTok talks body positivity, racism and why she’s serious about making music.

When it comes to numbers, Bella Poarch’s are staggering. Her 10.6 million Instagram followers pale in comparison to her TikTok stats: currently the third most-followed person on the platform (behind @CharliDAmelio and @AddisonRe), Poarch has 66.5 million fans and has so far amassed 1.5bn views since joining the platform in April 2020.

Her concise yet captivating lip-sync to “M To The B” (originally a 2016 diss track by Blackpool grime artist Sophie Aspin, inexplicably made mega-viral by TikTok users four years later) was the platform’s biggest hit of 2020, even more popular than this guy. “Yeah, that’s a lot of likes,” Poarch laughs of such stratospheric figures from her Los Angeles home. “But I don’t let the likes go to my head. It’s not that important to me. I’m just happy that people like my content and accept me for who I truly am.”

Like many influential TikTokers, Poarch mostly lip-syncs and dances to trending tracks such as TooMuch’s “FYOTP”. Where she’s differentiated herself, though, is via the high-end and anime-inspired fashion threaded throughout her videos, her animated facial expressions and advocacy for Asian-American equality.

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