East Kilbride business supports charity in providing life-saving first aid cover

19th May, 2021 1:16 pm

A business in East Kilbride has made a crucial donation to St Andrew’s First Aid’s local Mobile First Aid Post (MFAP) to ensure it can continue to serve the community.

St Andrew’s First Aid is Scotland’s only dedicated first aid charity.

And EK Blast and Powder Coating, who offer various refurbishment services, have donated their services for refurbishing the wheels on the East Kilbride MFAP.

Over the past five years alone, the charity has trained more than 100,000 people in a wide range of first aid skills and attended over 11,000 events across the length and breadth of Scotland.

The charity uses mobile first aid posts as treatment vehicles ensuring that any casualties can be safely treated for injury or illness in private.

Alan Simpson and Janemarie Cartwright, owners of EK Blast and Powder Coating, were keen to give back to the charity and their volunteers after feeling the safety of their presence at local events.

With Alan and Janemarie’s support, the charity can continue the work they deliver in East Kilbride communities and at events, providing life-saving first aid skills when people need them most.

Susan Adamson, EK Commandant, said: “On behalf of the charity, we are extremely grateful to Alan and Janemarie for their kind donation to the East Kilbride team at St Andrew’s First Aid.

“We firmly believe that nobody should suffer or die because they needed first aid and didn’t get it.

“This improvement to our Mobile First Aid Post here in East Kilbride allows us to push forward with our commitment to bringing first aid training as well as life saving services to the local community.”

Alan Simpson, owner of EK Blast and Powder Coating, added: “It was a pleasure to work with St Andrew’s First Aid and to give back to the charity and their volunteers. We wanted to show our appreciation to a dedicated charity, who continue to show up at local community events, making us feel we are in safe hands.”

Source: Daily Record, May 2021

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