Children’s home staff failed to prevent sexual exploitation

14th April, 2021 12:29 pm

Ofsted inspectors have found that staff at a children’s home failed to prevent young people being sexually exploited. Ofsted staff carried out the inspection of the home, run by Cambian Childcare Ltd, in February. It was the inspectorate’s first visit to the home since it was registered in November 2019. “Records demonstrate that on numerous occasions children have told staff that they have met unknown adult males and had engaged in sexual activities to gain money.

Children have also informed staff that they have been scared about their own safety when out of the home,” the inspectors wrote in their report, also noting that staff lack the “skills and experience to manage . . . risk and are inconsistent in the actions that they take.” Ofsted has served Cambian Childcare Ltd with a notice restricting the admission of more children to the home. “Ofsted reasonably believes that a child may be at risk of harm if it allows further admissions to the home at this time,” the Ofsted inspection report states.

Source: Children & Young People Now

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