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31st March, 2021 3:42 pm

Our impact in numbers…

  • 309,115 young people were given the opportunity to enjoy the life-changing benefits of sport and play through our programmes
  • 99,706 young people received training from our athlete mentors, coaches and networks, empowering them to lead and inspire their peers
  • 20,650 teachers, coaches and practitioners were trained by us to lead good quality, inclusive sport and Physical Education
  • 500,000 downloads of free activity resources, created as part of our response to the challenges of COVID-19
  • 2 million reached through National School Sport Week at Home, as we teamed up with Sky Sports on the UK-wide campaign

    When we launched our Believing in Every Child’s Future strategy in 2018, we warned of a crisis in young people’s wellbeing. Rising health and wellbeing issues among young people had come at the end of a decade characterised by cuts to Physical Education, the growth of social media and increasingly sedentary lifestyles.

    These challenges became even more pressing during the global pandemic which had such a profound effect on young people’s education and development.

    Our strategy was built on an ambition to tackle the decline in young people’s wellbeing by transforming Physical Education and removing barriers to participation, while harnessing the power of sport to empower youth activism and unlock potential in young people facing the greatest disadvantage.

    In this report we share data, insights and stories from some of the young people whose wellbeing we have been able to support. Working together with schools and valued partners we have improved physical and mental health, nurtured the development of character and leadership, and fostered inclusion and empathy to bring down barriers and build connections.

    Ali Oliver – YST Chief Executive

    Source: Our Impact | Youth Sport Trust

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