Shetland committee support campaign aimed at Keeping Kids Safe Online

26th March, 2021 2:37 pm

With many young people spending more time online due to lockdown and remote learning, the Shetland Public Protection Committee is supporting the awareness campaign #KeepingKidsSafeOnline.

Police Scotland recently reported a 13 per cent increase in reports of online abuse and exploitation of young people.  The Child Protection Committees Scotland have today, 23rd March, launched the 10 day campaign to encourage parents and carers to be actively interested in what their children are doing online, and to learn how to help keep them safe from the dangers of online abuse or exploitation.

Shetland Public Protection Convener, Tam Baillie said:  “As many children have been online for longer during the pandemic, parents and carers can play a big part by helping keep their kids safe from online abuse and exploitation.

“Just as you want to know where your children are going when they go out, you should ask them where they are going online and who they are speaking to.  Talk to your children about online risks as early as possible;  even very young children can be targeted by online abusers.

“Being familiar with their online activities will give you the confidence to act if there is anything to be concerned about.”

The national campaign encourages parents to talk to their children regularly about online activity; take the time to learn more about what platforms, apps and sites their children are using; and learn how to use existing tools to help protect their children from potential harm.

Lead officer, Kate Gabb added:  “This is a really important campaign designed to raise awareness and speak about the risk to children and young people in their online world.  I would urge people to take five minutes to read the information we share, talk to young people, help them to be aware of their safety online and seek help if they are scared or worried.”

Information will be posted throughout the campaign via  and via its social media pages.

More information about staying safe online is available at:


Source: The Shetland Times (March 2021)

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