Everyone’s Invited

Posted: 24th March 2021

How Everyone’s Invited Started

In June 2020, Soma Sara the founder of this movement began sharing her personal experience rape culture via Instagram. Immediately, she received a number of messages from not only those who felt that her experiences strongly resonated with their own, but also those who detailed their own stories of misogyny, harassment, abuse and assault. Within a week she received and shared over 300 anonymous responses, reaching over 10,000 people. These stories provide a vital education on the complex and pervasive reality of rape culture. We urge you to read through every story.

This movement was created in response to these stories that reveal the urgent need to tackle these deeply entrenched patterns of abuse that exist all around us.


About Everyone’s Invited

Rape culture exists when thoughts, behaviours, & attitudes in a society or environment have the effect of normalising and trivialising sexual violence. When behaviours like ‘upskirting’ or the nonconsensual sharing of intimate photos are normalised this acts as a gateway to criminal acts such as sexual assault and rape. Behaviours such as misogyny, slut shaming, victim blaming, and sexual harassment create an environment where sexual violence and abuse can exist and thrive. All behaviours, attitudes, thoughts and experiences in this culture are interconnected.



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