Guernsey Sports Commission launch accreditation scheme for local clubs

Posted: 16th March 2021

Guernsey’s Sports Commission has launched a new accreditation scheme for clubs and organisations on the island. Sportsmark is a new quality assurance accreditation which will help improve coaching, safeguarding and governance in sport.

We want to ensure that if any of our member sports or organisations don’t want to meet those guidelines then they realise they’re not part of our family. There’s no reason to really. It just provides that safer, well run part of our active lifestyles.
Steve Sharman, Guernsey Sports Commission

Clubs on the island are being given three years to meet the criteria set out by the GSC. They estimate around 40% of sporting organisations still have work to do to. But some clubs have already achieved the accreditation thanks to their good work throughout the island.

I think it’s good because it shows we’re doing the right things. It’s a good way of getting people reassured that we’re doing it right.
Steve Yates, Bowmen of Guernsey

When parents look around at what they want their kids to get involved in, having that Sportsmark is going to be one of the key things you’re going to look for in a well run club.
Mark Smith, Guernsey Velo Club

Source: ITV News (March 2021)

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