January 2020

Official sacpa launch at bsa annual conference in bristol

29th January 2020

On January 29 2020, Sacpa launched officially at the BSA Annual Conference for Deputy Heads & Heads of Boarding where many attendees are also DSL/DDSL. Sacpa Chair, Dr Steve Bailey,…

People ‘at risk’ because of uk’s ‘patchwork’ approach to safeguarding and child protection

29th January 2020

A ‘patchwork’ approach to safeguarding and child protection across the UK puts people at risk, according to a new national body. Sacpa (Safeguarding and Child Protection Association) claims there are…

sacpa ‘guide to safeguarding’ launched

21st January 2020

Sacpa (safeguarding and child protection association) has launched a pocket-sized guide to safeguarding and accompanying guidance for members. The guidance covers what to do it members have a concern about…