Month: January 2020

Official sacpa launch at bsa annual conference in bristol

29th January, 2020 10:28 am

On January 29 2020, Sacpa launched officially at the BSA Annual Conference for Deputy Heads & Heads of Boarding where many attendees are also DSL/DDSL. Sacpa Chair, Dr Steve Bailey, shared that there is a clear need to try and bring together all those involved in safeguarding to support them. Aileen Kane, Sacpa Director, added that the calls for support... View Article

People ‘at risk’ because of uk’s ‘patchwork’ approach to safeguarding and child protection

29th January, 2020 10:22 am

A ‘patchwork’ approach to safeguarding and child protection across the UK puts people at risk, according to a new national body. Sacpa (Safeguarding and Child Protection Association) claims there are ‘significant differences’ in policies and systems between local authorities and the English, Welsh and Scottish governments. Director Aileen Kane said: “There are 326 local authorities in England, 22 in Wales, 32... View Article

sacpa ‘guide to safeguarding’ launched

21st January, 2020 10:18 am

Sacpa (safeguarding and child protection association) has launched a pocket-sized guide to safeguarding and accompanying guidance for members. The guidance covers what to do it members have a concern about a child, young person or adult and covers issues around an individual’s physical, sexual or emotional well-being. Please click here to read the full guidance and if you would like to order... View Article